Quillagua: the driest city in the world

For 42 years, the small town of Quillagua, in the Atacama Desert, is in the Guinness Book of Records. According to the NASA, it is the "driest city in the world". It only rained three times since the 70s. Years ago, till the 90s, Quillagua was an oasis irrigated by the Loa, Chile's largest river. But on one hand the mining industry has polluted and pumped almost all the riverÕs water, destroying the fields and killing the cattle of the village inhabitants, which were their main resources. On the other, the global warming also contributed to the drying up of the area. Nowadays, the only people that stopped in the village are trucks drivers, carrying sulfuric acid or other supplies to the copper mines. Even the cars of the Rally Paris-Dakar go through without slowing.

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